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The world is rapidly changing. The main reason for that is the advancement of technology. Development of the technology has affected most of the fields despite its nature. The same thing happens to the sewing industry-different types of tools and techniques emerging to ease our work.


When it comes to sewing, it is an art. Further, it is an essential activity as its’ final outputs are imperative humankind need, Dresses. A few decades ago, we all went to a tailor shop and sewed our clothes via tailors. Sometimes that dress did not look the same as what you imagine. It may not fit with your expectations. Indeed, in that time, you felt as “it is good if I sew this cloth.” So why you regret it? Start to sew your dresses and wear them confidently. We know that the major problem may be the time because it takes many hours to draw the design and cut the fabric. That is why we are here. Get ready to wear your own sewed dresses with your sewing machines. Don’t worry about the basic sewing patterns. We will take care of it.


The pattern is a template used to trace the required shapes on the fabric before being cut and assembled. Usually, those draw on paper, but if we want to use them repeatedly for a more extended period, we use cardboard or paperboards. Patterns can use as guidance for sewing. Beginners who are new to the sewing industry can get a massive advantage from those. At the same time, sewing patterns allow all domestic dressmakers and commercial organizations to reduce the time taken to produce a dress (garment).


These sewing patterns are widely spreading among people, despite their culture and country. Because most of the people now seek some aiding blocks to sew the latest dresses on their own. So, to widen your knowledge, let’s see the essential things of a pattern.


Pattern code or the name: Every pattern supplying business has a specified code for each pattern. Or can use a name for the pattern, and it will be more effective for the small-scale companies rather than large scale. The coding system is best for large-scale pattern selling companies.


Photos: Most of the patterns come with a photograph that shows a model wearing that dress. So, by that, you can feel the expected output through it. And can get a basic idea about how it looks after sewing and wearing. Further, it gives you a rough idea about what fabric material and color you should use in the case of that dress. 


Sizes: Various people have various body sizes. So, it should provide patterns of multiple dimensions. Typically, most companies offer at least 03 different standard-sized patterns. As an example, CraftBook99 provides patterns in Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL), Extra Extra Large (XXL) size, and furthermore.


Instructions: You can receive a guidance sheet that will include the steps needed to follow when purchasing and using the patterns. Usually, every company offers this kind of instruction sheet. But the layout may be varied from company to company as their process differs. For instance, CraftBook99 will provide an instruction sheet filled with written instructions and graphical instructions. We encourage you to go through the instruction sheet before you started to sew with the patterns. It will contain how to get the patterns, organize them, and provide essential instructions to you.


Description: In some cases, a pattern may come along with a short description of the dress, such as on what occasion it fits, what ages it suits more, what color of the fabric will enhance the unique features of the dress, and so on. 


Fabric requirements:

  • Quality Requirements

There are various clothing materials (Fabrics) globally, such as Cotton, Silk, Linen, Chiffon, and Lace. Some dresses should have a particular type of fabric to use to get the desired output as expected. In that situation, it is best to follow that requirement. And also, in some cases, we will suggest you use specific kinds of fabrics to get a better output. So, you could either go with the proposed material or another one as you wish. For instance, if you want to sew Yoga pants, you need to choose a fabric such as Spandex, Polyester, or Lycra, rich in Nylon, Polyester, and bamboo. Those ingredients will allow you to stretch more and feel super comfortable. 

  • Quantity Requirements

As we all know, there are 02 standard width fabrics in use. Namely, 45 inches (115cm) and 60 inches (140cm). In addition, there are many widths used in day-to-day life, such as 40 inches (102cm),42 inches (107cm), 48 inches (122cm), and 54 inches (137cm). You should buy the fabric based on the instructions we have given and your body measurements. For instance, imagine that you want to sew a full flared floral printed long skirt. So, you need to take 90 width fabric. (But this will vary according to the size of the waist and height of the person) 


Video links: We have inserted the useful video links of the sewing into our pattern papers in some cases. It will be helpful to you more in sewing the dress. Through that, we try to help you more and clarify things more when sewing with patterns.


Symbol key and margin key: Included the symbol keys such as grain lines, notch marks, buttonholes, darts to help you read the pattern correctly. Also had the seam margins of each design.


When you are browsing the web, you may find several sewing patterns selling websites. The specialty of CraftBook99 is, we do not provide printed versions of patterns via shipping. We eliminated all the shipping costs, duties, courier charges. We tried to give you the patterns at the maximum reasonable price. Why you wait until the arrival of your pattern papers by ships in this instant world? Therefore, we are allowing you to download the PDF version of sewing patterns through us. After downloading the PDFs, you can easily take a printout from your printer and start the sewing without waiting anymore.


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